Tuesday, June 23, 2015

13 Days Of Orange: 'Mothers Day' #OITNB

Here we are, my old friend. We meet again. The bottom of the bottle, that really is the episodes of season three. I wanted to drink slow and told myself to wait. It started off good. I watched only one episode the first day. The next day I watched one and skipped a few (days). Then I slowly started to lose the control I once had.  One episode turned into three and next thing I know, I'm at the end.  Empty bottle and mixed feelings. 

That's me each time that a new season comes out. I always plan to take it slow but ends up watching it all. I think it took me about the whole week. So my spacing was pretty good. I'm not mad tho. I try to watch things in a timely matter. So many spoilers for no reason are filled across social media. I'm just filling my spoilers here on my blog. Well. more of reactions to the episodes. One by one. (This works best if you watch the episode while reading). 

Episode One: Mother's Day.

Favorite quote:
Leann :"Well I've seen you suck a cock for a bag of ranch Doritos."
Other Meth head: "Totally different. AND, I love ranch flavor."

They started out dark for the season two opener and wanting to set that tone again. This had to be one of the saddest episodes ever. Pulling on everyone's heart strings.  Having mother's day in jail has to be hard. Seeing your kids and knowing you can't leave with them. It's like having a bag of money and getting to see and hold it. Only for the bag to be taken away after an couple of hours.Never to be seen again. 

This was the season of back story's and it started with fan favorite Pennsatucky. It was kinda how we thought that the youth part of her life would be. Opening with her mom having her chug Mountain Dew before entering the S.S. office. 

Update: I'm just about to give my reactions. You already watched this, you don't need a summary

Alex is back...

So Red just out in the streets giving out that work?

Pennsatucky driving a van is about as smart as doing a hand full of meth. Which I'm pretty sure she have done before.

It looks like Pennsatucky mom is just as crazy as her. She wants that check. 

Yeah. Tim Tebow is not a good QB.

Damn, Rose died. Least she got free right?

Oh,shit. New CO. Black lady. 

What's up with this egg thing? Must be really bad if the egg breaks?

 Betty Paige Of Letchfield 

So this is going to be the season of the flashbacks?

I totally would have never guessed that Nicki was a little rich kid.  Easier access to that Meth. I guess. 

Glad Vee is dead. Extra glad she was killed by Rose. "I never liked that one"

Spending mothers day in jail with your daughter . In the same jail. Cause ya'll both inmates.

Witches in the night. So everyone just going crazy.

Speaking of crazy..... all the mothers are.

Alex about to get some Pipe(r)

Nevermind just crying.

That moment you want to confuse, but change your mind. 


Damn, going Gangsta on kids tho.

Welcome to the fun zone.

Barrett 'Family' here today. 

Of course  Crazy Eyes can't be around the kids, she crazy. With eyes.

Nice nite tho.

I bet that would be something tho, she would start out clam and slowly get crazy, Maybe, even throw her pie for them? 

Did they just put a pad on that kid face?

Punch that pepper.

 I miss playing Simmons said. 

Awww, checking up on his 'Family". Even got a joke for them. 

You go down against it. Not up. 

No candy? lmaoo

"From a former man to a future man"

I was told that advice too. I didn't take it tho. 

His lying ass, Closed for ever. 

Pouring that Dew out for the babies. 

It would suck having to really pee and having to get down. 

Damn, that piece of shit, taking away the baby. 

That's the most she has said in three seasons. 

Well, I hoped you all enjoyed this. See you next time for episode two. 



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