Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Embarrassing Playlist From Childhood #TheGreatestPlayList

Growing up is a odd time for us all. Some of us, dressed in all the latest fashion. We all had that one person that looked like they just copied everything that they seem on MTV. Going to the store like: "Just give me the whole No Limit Records look". Who can forget when everything was Burberry. God, that was such high levels of ugly to see. Did I mention it was fake, I mean yooo.

I think my thing growing up, was my music. I had such a nice collection of music. Ranging from UGK to *NSYNC. So big of a range that I had some embarrassing songs in the mix. Like something I was ashamed to let someone else hear but would be blasting it in my headphones alone. I picked out a couple. I might add more. Nah, you get the point. What's a song you love that's kinda embarrassing?  Try not to laugh too hard. 

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