Wednesday, December 20, 2017

So Shut Up That Nonsense About Some Silent Night (Christmas Playlist)

It's beginning to look a lot like, what? Follow my every step. I didn't forget to make this playlist, therefore, I have won the day.  I'm here to also save that plain jane Christmas nightplaylist that you are putting together. Let me help you. As always, add all the songs to your playlist and all the frame if you want. Credit is for cards but follows are nice. (Twitter/Instagram).  

Outkast "Player's Ball"
At this point, it's not that much of the little fun fact but something that everybody knows. Player's Ball is not only the first song that ever got OutKast any mainstream attention but the duo raps about players ball they attend on Christmas Day. Player's Ball is about Christmas. Talk about being creative when it came to not even wanting to do the La Face Family Christmas Album, to begin with.  This ironic song would also find it's way to the duo's debut album.  I'm talking bout a black man heaven here. 

Kanye West x Cy Hi The Prynce   x Teyana Taylor "
Christmas In Harlem"
 Part of one of the greatest music series known as "GOOD Friday". Christmas in Harlem features the always vibrant Kanye West and wordplay knight, Cy-Hi The Prynce with Teyana Taylor blessing the hook.  

The 69 Boyz  "What You Want for Christmas" / Remix
 The stuff of legends has finally been found on Apple Music. I been searching high and low and only finding the remix. Not anymore. Those days are gone. I can now enjoy the 69 Boyz holiday classic without youtube.Because it's twelve things on the Christmas list and it goes a little something like this.  Fun fact: This is one of the five (yeah) rap songs that my mom actually like.

The Emotions "What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas"
 You know, I used to sing this song so much as a kid. Never realizing how sad this song really is.  Used to be singing my heart out. I once yelled from the back seat of my mom car as a kid "So what do they do?". She looked back right into my eyes and said the words I would never forget "How the fuck would I know?"
Run DMC "Christmas In Hollis"
 Such the wildest tale of what happens in Hollis around Christmas. 

James Brown "Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto"
 James making sure that Santa doesn't forget about the kids in the ghetto. They need the love too.  

Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas Is You"
You know that every Christmas Mariah makes 500K from this song. Let's help her make some more. Because, why not? 
Feel free to tweet me your favorite Christmas songs.  

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