Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My Funko Pop Must Haves For December (& Charlie Brown Tree)

It's three things in life that are granted. Death, taxes and that my funk pop collection shall grow. It's not getting outta control but they need to start paying rent soon.  They're all over the place. Which brings me to this month. The Funk pops are starting to roll out now and I have my eyes on just a few. Gotta at least try to control me.  

 Funko Pop Books Santa Grinch
The quickest way for me to buy one is to have it on sale. This one just came out and it's already 7.81. You can't beat that with a hat. You know, he might have been on to something. Humans really do be too loud.  Buy Here


  Funko Pop Movies: Elf-Buddy
Now you know you can't have one without the other. Even if they weren't in the same movie. They kinda were. Just think of Buddy as the little girl in the Grinch. Matches up, right? You're welcome.  Buy here


Funko Pop Movies: Christmas Vacation: Cousin Eddie/Clark 

Okay, we can go home.  It's nothing left to see here. We have found the greatest. Some of you might be too young to know about Christmas Vacation but trust me you need to see this movie series. The whole vacation series. Oh and the shitter's full.  Cousin Eddie (Buy here)/ Clark (Buy here). 




Funko Pop Movies: Home Alone 

My house is about to look like I kidnapped all my favorite childhood characters. Which is funny cause I'm never the one to dress up the house but this year, let's do something new. Home Alone is the movie that never made me want to be home alone when I was that young. Robbers and having to cook yo own food. Nightmare. Kevin (buy here) / Marv (buy here) / Harry (Buy here). 


Peanuts Charlie Brown Christmas Tree with Linus Blanket

Now it wouldn't be Christmas with the tree. The best tree of them all. The only tree you need around this time. Y'all got that tall tree and I'm just over here flexing, hard. I end up having to buy one each year since somebody always wants to have it. I really should stop letting people in my house. Pay homage to the goat. (Buy Here


By this point, everything should already be in the cart and ready to go. Just don't forget the free two-day shipping. Don't have Prime? I got you covered with a free one month on me. Click here. Now if you're a student click here for six free months.  




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