Thursday, December 7, 2017

Break Out The Popcorn (Christmas Movies)

The end of the year is here and it's time to break out all the things you been buying during the year for this time. That's the best time to buy the Christmas stuff. During the year and after Christmas. You have closets and basements for reasons. Which reminds me. I have to get my auntie plates and all that other stuff out my basement, early.  Instead of waiting for Christmas day. 

While everybody seems to love the gifts and the sharing of love. I'm here for the movies. This is the time that all the movies start to fly around the TV. Some of my favorites don't get as much run as it used to but I had to be old and just buy them.  

 Snow Day
 Let's start with the one that was all our dreams. We all had the biggest of crushes on Claire Bonner (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Ten year old me watched this movie just for her. Hal Brandston was the bravest man in the world to me at the time. That was shooting your shot before shooting your shot. That takes some balls. You get on the news and do all that. Then making whales in the snow for her? I thought he was the bravest. I left out the part where her ex-boyfriend wanted to kill him though.  Pam Grier is also in this movie and the other kids were fighting to have another snow day. Buy Here 

  Jingle All the Way 
Some of you might be too young to know this but when we were younger, you had to go to stores. It wasn't the Cyber Monday and it was just Black Friday and it was fighting. I never got to see any fighting. My mom never went. I always got what I wanted though. This movie is about the adventures of one man search for Turbo Man. Buy Here. 

 A Christmas Story 
 How long has this movie been running all day on Christmas? Feels like all my life at this point. I tell you, I ain't complaining. Just wondering. This is where I found out the soap in the mouth was something and had me fearing the outcome of saying bad words. I still said some words. When my muthafucking mother wasn't around. Buy here

  These are my three that I must see around the holidays. I catch other ones but I have to see these three and you do too. So make sure you have Amazon Prime so you get them in two days.  Don't have Prime? I got you covered with a free one month on me. Click here. Now if you're a student click here for six free months.  



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