Tuesday, December 19, 2017

No I Don't Want Any Macaroni Salad Patty #DressLikeJavaris

It's that time of the year again. When all the kids finally gain ears and do this odd thing called "Listening". Funny how it starts and end within the span of a month. My niece too young so I don't get that month yet. What I do get is what everybody else gets.  The holiday Christmas party. The worst and best of times wrapped into one. This is where you hope the words "Pot" and "Luck" are not put together. We don't do that at Squire + Said. Keep whatever you made for the real people you love. I'm sure they enjoy that seven layers of whatever, that doesn't have a lick of seasoning. Keep it. 

What I do want is the party to be live and the music to be pumping. (Sorry Jersey Shore marathon on). Just not too much. Don't be touching people that don't wanna be touched. 

 It's safe to say that I shall be the freshest person at the Squire + Said party. Actually, this post and this look can be something year around, this is just what I will be wearing as I try not to waste Calamari on my shirt. 

This is one of the jackets I bought earlier in the year and been saving it for just the right time. I didn't want the first time wearing this to be not around the holidays. I was thinking about bringing this out for the Tom Ford show but passed on it. It's not Tom Ford. It seems right to bring it out now cause I won't be wearing another ugly sweater again. 

 I'm never going to but smoking a Cuban while wearing a turtleneck seems pretty dope.  I have been matching them up with all my suit jackets lately. Gives off the playboy vibes. Like you should be in some dark room with the light only on you. Ready to break the legs of some dude that owes you enough money that his life has to be taken. Whoa, too much? Yeah. 

 The holiday season is the best time to let your hair down. Me not so much. My hair seems to do what it wants to do. So now seems to be the time to bring out the jeans. Ripped, of course. 

When you saw the jeans you already knew what was coming next cause it was not gonna be anything else. I can't  look down and see the disrespect that the jeans would be doing to some loafs or sneakers.  

Blazer: Red, Gold and Black Jacquard Blazer (Click banner below)
Shirt: Black Muscle Fit Roll Neck T-Shirt (Click Banner below)
Jeans: Washed Black Super Spray On Skinny Jeans (Click Banner below)

Topman - Dress to Impress

Boot: Polo Men's Ranger Boot

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