Friday, July 10, 2015

The Movie Dope Is A Slippery Slope Of Unforeseen Greatness

I would like to start this by stating I had to drive about a hour to see the movie. My town in the heart of Georgia didn't have this at the theater. They had stuff like Ted 2, Magic Mike XXL. Shit like that. I really wish they would have something for the 1% of the city. For shame, for shame. 

Anyways, When the trailer for this came out, it hit me to the core. It was funny and followed the films that become classic.  Dry situation comedy. I kinda think I made that up so I need to follow with this example. You know how when you (we) watch Seinfeld , it's never so much of a setup for the jokes or the comedy in this case. It just happens.

 Jerry: So you think you're entitled to her $50.

George: It's not her $50. If it wasn't for me, taking her on a costly date, she never would have found it.

Jerry: How much did that date run you?

George (eyes narrow): What's the difference?

Jerry: You took her to the coffee shop, didn't you?

George: So what if I did?

Jerry: Lunch?

George: Maybe.

Jerry: Two sandwiches, two coffees, maybe a soup. Dessert?

George: Please.
I got this from 'SoupIsNotAMeal' on Reddit. I also know that, that is not a real scene from the show. But you see how it is not filled with punchlines. That's the worst.  TV shows that push the punchline. I liked watching 2 broke girls but they started to push the punchline too much. 

 DOPE does the story just right.  The movies protagonist is Malcolm Adekanbi. Malcolm  is a high school senior obsessed with 90's hip hop,  Even if he kinda has the culture of the 90's mixed up with the 80's.  He's a geek that's constantly pushed around by bigger kids at school. Malcolm and his friends all live in a part of Inglewood, California called "The Bottoms." Malcolm's ultimate dream is to go to Harvard but in a meeting with his counselor, Mr. Bailey, his dreams are dismissed. He really shits all over the kid. Fuck him for having a goal, huh?  Mr. Bailey calls Malcolm's desire to attend Harvard an arrogant one, and that his straight A's don't mean a thing. 

Good thing that The Bottom has girls to look at. You know, after having your goal shitted on. One being Nakia. Played by Zoë Kravitz. Who catches the eye of Malcolm. Too bad she catches the eye of ASAP Rocky Dom the local drug dealer. Ouch. Tough break kid. Dom then get's Malcolm to ask Nakia to ask her to come to his (Dom) birthday party. Nakia agrees only if Malcolm will come too. (Hey, maybe he has a chance)

This is when the slippery slope start. “Slippery slope” is the recurring leitmotif of the film, explaining how one bad decision can lead to multiple, unforeseen bad situations. By going to A$AP Rocky Dom party, Malcolm inadvertently is present during a backdoor drug deal. That deal goes bad, violence erupts and in the confusion, suddenly Malcolm is left holding the bag, a literal bag of dope—the party drug Molly.

As the kids say it 'Shit gets real" now but not as the 'real' that you would see in each and every movie about drugs. I mean how many kingpin movies do we need. This is I swear different. It's not a drama it's kinda a comedy. It just might make you think. It's a couple of scene's that will be touching.  You will get the laughs off. The movie is, well you know the corny word I don't want to use. 

Dope in theaters now. 

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