Friday, July 10, 2015

Comic Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 6

I love Comic Con. It's always a great time of year. I mean I don't go or anything. I just like that a new Walking Dead trailer always comes out at the event. I wouldn't mind going. The setup seems nice. Maybe dress up too. Anyways. This is the season that we can finally get all the Morgan that we want, He has been looking for Rick for what? 2 seasons.  Remember they found him before the war with the Governor and he wanted to stay in the town alone. With the burned bodies. I guess after awhile he started to look for them again. Always being two steps behind for two whole seasons.  Searching for people in GA with problems but finding them in D.C. TV magic. This season seem to be one of action and back stabbing. Rick is losing that mind of his.

I would call him a asshole but asshole is on the lighter side of things. 

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