Monday, July 13, 2015

Palette Customizable Desktop Controllers for Designers and Creatives

Lately I have been teaching Jeem how to use Photoshop.  She seem to be learning pretty fast. Which is shocking. Not cause of her but because of my bad teaching skills. I kinda teach as if people already know what to do. Which if they already knew, they wouldn't need to be taught. I would say something along the lines of "Click the copy paint button". Without first showing the button location. I'm getting better at it. I might have to look into somethings like this. For both of us. I love the old school way but this would really help. You can set the tuners for anything you want. This seems great. Gives me a chance to have the full screen used as a work space.I would have to label tho. I have been living in the same house since 2003. I still don't know which of the light switches cut on what.

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