Friday, July 17, 2015

You Should Give Tyga Gold Album A Listen #TYGA

It's crazy how everything that doesn't have to do with your music can fix people mind not to even listen. I think it was about a week or two ago that this one came out. When the sales numbers came out. The whole internet had to get a joke off. That's social media for you. I can't lie, it was funny. In his defense it was more then other rappers who "Has the streets on lock". So it's really nothing to hang your head about. It was a surprise, filling the goals of the label to be free album. 

So around this morning I decided to give it a listen.  I have always said that Tyga knows how to rap. I interviewed him way back in the day. When it was G.E.D. Him and Gata.  Interviewed him two times (Before and after fame). The last one made it to World Star (Random fact). So I wasn't really shocked to enjoy this album. He is finding his groove and just at the right time. With all eyes on him. For whatever reason it may be. They're looking. So I ask of y'all give it a listen. You will like it. It's on Spotify. So at most, you just lose some time.

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