Monday, July 13, 2015

About That Show Called Ballers. #Ballers

I don't think I got around to posting about this show. I know I made a post on the IG (Follow by the way). This show is pretty good. We all have been looking to fill the hole that Entourage left. This show can do that. It also happens to be on HBO and Mark Wahlberg (Entourage based on him) and also Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) is along for the ride this time. This show dances between the lines of comedy and drama. Which makes it need to be a hour long for season two. All shows need to just be a hour. It's 2015. 

Ballers follows The Rock Spencer Strasmore, a retired athlete turned financial manager. As he try to adjust to life after the pain that comes with battling on the football field. This is how I see most of the NFL players life to be. Loads of useless people around trying to spend your money.
They posted the show's first episode on Facebook. They, as in The Rock. Just so we're clear.  Legal post.

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