Thursday, July 16, 2015

Curry Neck Bones #OneMoreBite

You know that Speth Curry commercial? The one where they are serving chicken. Not just any chicken. Curry Chicken. The commercial is pretty funny.The way they say it is the problem with me. It's Curry Chicken not Chicken Curry. Chill out with that. 

Anyways, I have been thinking about pairing Curry with a couple things other then chicken. Neckbones was the way I went. Little bit of Southern Country meets India. I slow cooked the neckbones for around 10 hours. It was so tender. They was falling off the bones. If you ever had neckbones. You know that falling off the bones is just great when it comes to this meat. Normally have to fight it. 

I cooked the curry on the top of the stove. I always add fryed onions, got to have the onions.  I paired this with a bed of rice and topped the curry with some roasted tomatoes.  

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