Monday, February 5, 2018

French Goonies Polka Dots #DressLikeJavaris

Not even going to lie to you, I was the best dress at my niece birthday party a couple weeks ago. Actually, I take that back, my niece was the best dress and I was second. Her mother had to be third with her Goonies shirt.  It wasn't the Lootcrate one with the famous catchphrase "Goonies Never Say Die". Not that one, I got that. It was the snap chat one.  I love that movie too much. Was watching it the other day. 

 Anyways. Like I said, I was in the top two of best dressed at the party. I think my niece felt that and wanted to mess me up. So my shirt and sneakers I started with is not how it ended. So I guess we could do a two for one with this post.  

 French navy polka dots. Everything about it sounds fancy. Even the name alone. This was one of them crushing everybody today looks. In the mirror just looking at yourself. Can't get enough. 

 You already know what it is. Say less. 

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Now looking back at it. This is how I knew I fucked up.  It was in my face this whole time. I'm too old to not know this. Wearing white sneakers to kids parties is on the list of stupid things to do. Besides the wearing of white sneakers period. I had to get this look off.  First, my niece didn't wanna jump on the moon bounce with the other kids. She wasn't having all that.She wanted to play on the swing. Which is how we got these photos.  I don't know how the dirt got on my shirt but I'm not shocked by the sneakers. 

I also don't care too much. Vans clear up pretty easy. Still, I had to change. Couldn't be looking all crazy. 

 So I switched. I didn't die off the fancy. Putting on the Jamaica heather. These names I tell ya. Which is pretty funny cause Ralph has the polo's that run you about 300 dollars. Them names have to be even better right? I'm asking y'all cause that's something I can't bring myself to do.  If they wanna send one to me for the free, feel so to do that. Send ten. Nice even number. 

 I kept the same pants cause they were fine and switched into some sneakers that could take the beating the kids were sure to be giving out. Spoiler alert, no beating was taken. These are Tubular Radial if you wanted to know.  Another side of the note: Try some on in the store. They run big and your sizes might but even fit right. So make sure to try some. If you don't like swimming cause I have this one red pair that has me in the deep end. 

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