Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Met Her At Coachella #DressLikeJavaris

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Remember when Coachella was just that line in Frank Ocean song? Let's go ever more backward. Remember when Eminem was on the Warped Tour? Dream big kids, never know what y'all events can become.  

Anyways, Tickets went on sale in January and sold out that same day. If you weren't lucky enough to get them then you can get them now. Right here. My friends over at Seat Geek keep a couple for everybody to be able to enjoy the fun. 

None of this is even what the meat and potatoes of the post are about.  It's time to start planning. I will try and shoot a couple ideas out leading to April. So you can have some options. Just don't wear them the same day as me. I'm joking, you should. With the crowd so big we won't see each other. If we do, that would make for some pretty great photos. 

Blue And Orange Floral Revere Shirt

I'm rolling up the selves with this one. It's gotta be hot. This gives you the feel of Versace but without the price tag so you can sweat in this without the guilt. It doesn't breathe as well as Versace but again, you can sweat in this. 

Pork Pie With Pinched Crown In Camel 

I can't even lie to you right now. Not gonna say I'm wearing this to block the sun cause I'm not. This gonna be in the middle of my head with the hair falling out the front. I'mma look dope. 

Gotta let the legs get some air. 

You might have noticed that I skipped over the shirt part. That's cause I won't be wearing one. Let the taco meat show (I don't have much tho). 

6-pack Bracelets 

Three for each side.  


Vans Gum Bumper Authentic - https://www.vans.com/shop/mens-new-and-popular-arrivals/gum-bumper-authentic-true-white-true-white

Vans Gum Bumper Authentic - https://www.vans.com/shop/mens-new-and-popular-arrivals/gum-bumper-authentic-true-white-true-whiteVans Gum Bumper Authentic
Vans Gum Bumper Authentic 
Now, this is not the smartest things to do but we shall do it anyway. Not only are we wearing white sneakers, but we will be wearing them on grass and dirt. Sending them on this mission they might not make it back from. I'm joking. It's Vans. You toss them in the washer and they're good as new. 

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