Monday, February 26, 2018

Southern California #DressLikeJavaris

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Welcome to the end of the Monday. I would make some joke about this day but it never really did anything to me. It gets such a bad rap.  Anyways. Today was too cold for what is suppose to be getting hotter weather. So I wanted to brighten the day with a shirt that replaces the sun. 

Why that sounds like some cheesy stuff a dude uses as a pick-up line? 

Beba means "Drink" by the way. Coca-Cola has to be the only brand of soda you will catch me wearing. Drinking too I guess. 
 Regular brown pants. Nothing fancy.

 Vans Golden Coast Authentic 
In a world where McDonald's didn't exist, I would say wear some red sneakers with this one. But it does and if you wear red sneakers with this one, well, you gonna look like Ronald McDonald. With just less big ass sneakers. Unless you Shaq. Shaq if you reading this, don't wear yellow shirts. You too big for that. 
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