Sunday, June 13, 2021

Susanna Yvonne "Susie" Carmichael Was The Lead #DressLikeJavaris



PUMA x RUGRATS Court Rider


It happens so much. I go for one thing and find another. It never seems to fail. It's the hook. Kinda like how Costco has the really cheap chicken, but you have to walk all the way to the back of the store. So you end up buying another thing along the way. That's this for me. I went for the shirt below and scored the sneakers above. Silly games we play. I love these sneakers. I love when the brands don't do too much and keep it simple. Toss that Rugrats logo on the back and the colors. NO more no less. I'm sold. I do feel like they should have done a Tommy Pickles ionic blue shirt tho. That would have been hitting. What you buy this weekend?



PUMA x RUGRATS Long Sleeve Men's Basketball Tee

You ever notice that when Angelica was doing all the stuff she was bossing around the babies and being big and bad, she never tried that shit with Susanna Yvonne "Susie" Carmichael. She knew better, that mouth wasn't as slick as she acted like it was. Plus Susanna Yvonne "Susie" Carmichael is played by the amazing Cree Summer. Double the win.

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