Monday, June 28, 2021

Better One Or Two #DressLikeJavaris


 Eye exams are funny. It's like the eye business teamed up with the people whose pockets get lined to make laws or something. Why you have to get an updated eye exam every two years to get more contracts? This is funny on my part, cause my eyes are the same as they have been. Every two years for the past six years. I think the doctor at this point probably thinks I will just be guessing right. Nope, the same level of the blind. 


All that ties into this post cause as I was sitting blind, waiting to see the doctor. This man kept bugging me about my outfit. I really mean bugging cause we were asking 10 million questions. I normally have no problem with this but I can't see to save my life without the help of my contracts so it's just this big distorted thing in my face with sounds going out of it. I answered as many as I should and told him this blog post would become. So here we go.  


 Classic Fit Striped Jersey Rugby Shirt 

it's the middle of the summer but I will always get my shit off. I knew that the Vision Works was in the mall and I haven't been to the mall in the longest but I knew a mall is never a place where it's gonna be hot. I swear they have to keep the smells down and cold does that trick and works for me, cause this shirt needs to be worn. 

 Camo Joggers. 

That link is not going to lead to the joggers I was wearing. Sorry. I have been testing the SanQuon ones out before I bring them to the store so for now you just have to love them on my ass. Speaking of ass, why nobody pant don't fit? You buy then pants and drop them low. I know you want the skinny jeans but one or two sizes higher wouldn't kill ya. I swear. Get out of the crack business for that love of God.


Adidas Yung 96 

This was the driving force behind all the talking. These are not that often seen and it's the eye-catching behind them. The orange and teal pop out. It gets the people going. They also give you the bang for your buck as these are going for like 40 dollars on Stock X. Have some fun, they all don't have to be big money. 


And that's what I was wearing the other day. I can see now so yeah, enjoy. 



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