Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Five Would Kill Jordan Five #2K14

By now, you have seen the video above and everybody is talking about Jordan's five. My five would KILL his five. I put together a list of my five for a pick up game. We talking about the players in they prime and I can't pick anybody off his list. I also didn't use myself. That's just not fair, right? Check my list. 

PG. LeBron James 
In the dream world of everybody that ever watched basketball, LeBron would play the one. I don't know why he don't want to play it but on my team he would. 

SG. Elgin Baylor 
Now, don't let the baby face fool you. Baylor was a killer on the court. Yeah, my team would be tall and full of shooters. 

SF. Tracy McGrady 
I really don't feel the need to break down the game of the players I pick, cause y'all watch basketball. This one I might have too. Most of you remember the Tracy that's been hurt and beat up. The Tracy before that, he was the best player on the planet. People had him on par to be one of the best ever. EVER. We talking about T-Mac. He was unstoppable. He scored 13 points in 35 seconds one time. If it wasn't for his knee, he would still be dropping 30. With his eyes close. 

PF.  Shaquille O'Neal 
You already know that I had to put the BIG BOY in it. What's a team without Shaq. He can dunk on your head and give you a cream soda. He makes those. 

C. Patrick Ewing 
Why have one BIG BOY when you can have TWO. TWO giants. You not coming into that pant, buddy. No pretty ball around here. 

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