Tuesday, November 19, 2013

25 People That Have Impacted My Life

Jeem started this game on Facebook. It's kinda like the numbers game. Only when somebody gives you a number, you list that amount of people that have affected your life and how they have affected it . The number Jeem gave me was 25. Here we go. 

Oh,Oh. Be sure to spread this game around Facebook. Remember that Ghadir Said (@arabicdream) started it. 

Okay, here we go foreal.
1. My Mother taught me that it's some answers I will never get. 

 2. My Father taught me what a good for nothing man is. Himself. 

3. My Aunt taught me how to be brave and fearless. Swing on any and everybody that makes you feel disrespect.  

4. My Uncle taught me how to be a gentlemen.(R.I.P)

5&6 Jacob and Janelle (Princess and Jae) taught me that you don't have to have kids to love two as if they was your own. I didn't bring two into the world, but I got two now.  

7. Ghadir(Jeem) My teammate,other me, future front porch partner. Best friend.  taught me the meaning of love. Taught me that it's somebody in this world that loves me for me(Her), no if, and, or buts. Taught me a beautiful women can like a nice guy. Shows me daily how it feels to give support and get it right back. Taught me how to be open.  Taught me trust, 100% trust. Taught me that I'm never in this alone. 

8,9,10,11,12. Randy, Kevin,Tony, Jerrod, Dave taught me that no matter what you do for some people, they still turn against you in the end. Thank you for your shadiness. Your bullshit didn't kill me, it made me stronger.

13. Patrica taught me how to make Curry Chicken. God bless this women. I was like 16, I wanted to marry this 35 year old that day. 

14. Ms. Woods taught me graphic arts. I didn't want to take her class at all. I just wanted to go take art. I owe that graphic art 101 class everything. Wouldn't be a me here today if it what's for that. 

15. Mr. Park taught me that I can draw more then people, it's other things in this world. I remember before his summer program. I just drew people, that was it. No background to pictures or anything. I now draw mostly everything but people. Thank you Mr.Parks

16. My grandma taught me about the lord and a greater overstanding. 

17. Mr. Dayjarlay (idk how his name is spelled) taught me that teachers hate when you know more then them. 

18. Lindsay Taught me toughness. Lost both her parents and still going strong. SUPERHERO

19. Reggie taught me everything goes full circle. My friend since 8th grade. 

20. Marc Jacobs taught me the ins and out's of fashion and business. 

21. Andre Leon Tally taught  me that a person of color can be a fashion editor. 

22. Kayla taught me to not be afraid to me different, meant to stand out. She was the person that first played Chiodos for me in high school. Y'all know my love for  Chiodos. Chiodos had me hooked by the first, hook. 

23. Geno taught me to never share on social media what you can share on your blog. Bring the readers to you. 

24. Marke taught me that he a bum ass ego having fucker. People get big and forget about you. It's all good till your brand takes off and you don't need other people anymore. "Money doesn't change you, it makes you more of who you truly are"- Javaris Squire 

25. You and You and You .My readers taught me that great content is loved. In the internet full of (pardon my french) crap, you guys found your way to me and keep finding your way to my blog. I am truly thankful for the love you guys show my blog and also Ghadir's blog. Y'all are just great. We working on some stuff to thank y'all. I'm always telling her how much y'all love her. The support ya'll show, means a lot. We all know that Princess and Jae are the stars of the blogs tho. Y'all stay asking about them :)

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