Monday, August 31, 2009

Mr. Cartoon x Upper Playground Toon T-Shirt

Upper Playground is proud to announce several collaborative
projects, to be released this week, with Mister Cartoon. Inspired by
the city of Los Angeles, New York graffiti, and low rider car culture,
legendary West Coast artist Mister Cartoon has gained grand scale
notoriety through tattooing several hip hop artists and celebrities.
Mister Cartoon's work has also appeared in a number of magazines, album
designs, clothing lines and product collaborations. In addition to the
Montana collaboration seen yesterday,
the LA-based artist has designed his first ever t-shirt graphic for
Upper Playground with an image that combines his classic iconography
and impeccable lettering. The shirt is now available through the Upper
Playground online store.Photography:Info. Hypebeast

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