Friday, October 2, 2009

I cry for the change that America need x Derrion Albert

I'm not really one to blog about the news.I really don't watch the news, but this have got me heated.A 16 year old  honor student at Fenger High School was beat to death by rival gang members. After watching the video I see so much chaos  going on in it that I do not know were to start.

People everywhere but not one steps in to stop the fight.I'm not going to say that every fight I seen I have stepped  in but at the same thing I have NEVER seen a fight like this one.I live in a "sheltered" place so to speak, and I'm very blind and not understanding how this came about.They say that the gangs have been at "War" for a month -- and each time one of their fellow classmates is injured. Now I want to give a example at my school there was a least one cop he was the school cop.Nothing really broke out but we have a cop there, but one day a call was made to the school that a fight was going to happen with a rival school and in mins  a good 30 cops were at the school for when we broke out and we went home.Now the question that stand is where were the cops, where were parents, why did the cars that were passing not make a try to break the fights up? Maybe I am talking outside looking in but it's the truth,How can a "War" go on in the city and the cops are nowhere to be found? That would have NEVER happen out here NEVER around Atlanta.

The people that are in the video are wrong dead wrong but I feel that the governing body haves the blood on their hands. You can not tell me this have not been going on and you know nothing about it.Look at it like this , lets say your child steals and steals and you bail your kid out time and time and never try to talk about why it's bad ...that makes you half the reason because you did not care enough to care.For this child to die over something he had nothing to do with makes me cry for him, his family, his friends, for the kids like him.You trying to go to school and get out of the place you are in but you have to thinking about not dieing when the school lets out THAT"S CRAZY I can't even put my self in his shoes or somebody that haves to face a thing like this. WHERE WERE THE COPS !!!!! WHERE WERE THE COPS!!!!!

I refuse to just let this go under the rug...we stop caring then more people will die, more mom's will be forced to face a life without their child due to some BULLSHIT.Crime is bad I just can't other stand what would make you take a big piece of wood and beat one to death.Your not fighting for a reason you are fighting because he just happing to be walking back.  I CRY for you cause you are that simple minded that you fight just to fight I pray for you.Then for the girls to have to carry there fellow class mate in the building after beating beating is not what people died in the streets for.I'm never so to talk about black on black crime but lives were put on the line lives, were lost for YOU AND ME and I will be damned if you piss on what they did for us.You know the reason why you go to school ? You know the reason why you ale to live in a house ? I WILL NOT LET THIS BOY DIE IN vein.Change will come if I have to do it myself so be it.


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