Tuesday, January 26, 2010


You know what sucks about Barbie? She's kind of got a flat ass. While her body may be 'perfect' in every other way (95 pound blonde with symmetrical boobs?) she's really slacking back there. I was always an ass person over being a tit person, I'd say it has to do with how I was raised. In Europe there's a lot more natural titty acceptance, so I never really desired a bigger pair. The ass however? My whole life my ass has plagued me, it's been behind some very happy moments as well as sobbing, I-hate-you-jiggly-monster moments. Naturally, the bigger the better, but only in the right context. An ass can't be too big, but it can be too big on the wrong person. 

Egyptian model SHAKUR and head TEAM DRAKE girl doesn't have that problem! Somehow (I blame the work of God and perhaps milk) her gigantic and beautiful ass is in perfect proportion to her doll-like waist and mini frame. I don't think our lips cardigan has ever looked hotter! And I'm sorry, but that back shot of the Quapaw leggings? Possibly illegal.

Via.MOB Living 

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