Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Carlito "The Red Shirt" Mixtape

So thats where all the good rap went, It got red shirted.Well it's back off the RS list and Carlito ready to ball.Mixtape starts out and it has my favorite word in it (Swag) so shoot the game won right there. Followed by a couple jump shots and one brick(Barbie Doll,Really ? Hate Barbies).Then he gets a alley oop from Yo! Gotti on the "Red Shirt" Freestyle and he slams it down.Next is  "Am I"  freestyle  we gone call that the M.O talk at Halftime and "Here we go again" is the halftime drama. Okay its the 2nd Half now(We talking College ball Keep up). Out the gate with steals and blocks (Damn he trying to close this game out).Foul Foul he done said that word again (Barbie).3 sec's left,what he gone do you ask ? Well he already  hopping on a plane with a Million dollars of jewelry and off to the Atl he go(Ha!). This mixtape is a Touch Down oops wrong sport(Ha!)  


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