Saturday, May 1, 2010

Now A Couple Words From Your Favorite Porn Star

Checkout the funniest PSA out I think I’ve ever seen. It seems now with the internet making porn so accessible, and free that my three-year old nephew can find it, the porn industry is coming together to plead with the meat whackers of the world to stop downloading their “creative art” for free.

Apparently the porn industry is getting f*cked [no pun intended] by fans who no longer wish to pone up 60 – 90 bucks on a flick.
In a virtual land where everything is practically free, you can understand why they’re bitching. The only advice I can offer the porn industry is to go back to school and get a real trade cause you guys business model is antiquated.
I mean clearly if the music industry is having a hard time adapting to the world wide web freebies, the porn industry doesn’t stand a chance. And if I’m being honest, why should they. Sex isn’t art.
Still funny PSA though.

All this Comes from the Boy

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