Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tonight It's Going Down....Drive By

Tonight is the "Pretty Little Liars" finale.Now if you never seen this show then you are missing out. At first I watched the first one for a couple of mins and cut it off. Then on twitter it's like a #TT every Tuesday and I'm like "Maybe I should watch" .3 weeks roll around and still have not seen it,Five weeks and I finally check it out online and OMG it's great. The shows about 4 girls who friend goes missing and comes up dead. The crazy thing about this is that it's a person know "A" that keeps texting them and knows all they business.They don't know us viwers don't know who "A" is (Unless you read the book). I think I know who "A" is tho. I think it's the dead girls brother. She used to tell him everything but the question now is Who's the Killer ?. Can't wait till tonight.

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