Thursday, October 21, 2010

Can't Ban The SnowMan

Who remember this ? Ole Jeezy The snowman. Have the streets going crazy(I heard). Mean while at my school the teacher was steady trying to ban it. Yup thats right they said "Having a snowman on your shirt mean you was part of the snowman gang" LMAO. Where do they come up with this you ask ? Well the teacher at my school watched MTV and BET a little to much. They also said that wearing a white tee means your are in the "white Tee Gang" and Black was the "Black Tee Gang". Mind you I went to school with all white ppl so really the teacher made the rule for me. To bad they didnt know that "The Snowman" was dope as in drugs lol. Also to bad I never been in a gang I would have had my "Homies" beat them up ha!

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