Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sanquon Covers My Swag Magazine

This month Sanquon takes over My Swag Magazine. To even think that Sanquon would be still kicking strong to this day is amazing to me. Funny thing about the "All Sanquon Issue" is that when I started My Swag Magazine I said I would never do a Sanquon issue. I wanted to keep the playing even. People demanded that we put Sanquon in a issue. It's pretty funny (I know I keep saying the word funny but hey it is). One person even went as far as to say "You guys always post about Sanquon they good enough to post but not a feature, how about a interview. What y'all waiting on ?"
Guess most people don't know Sanquon and My Swag are the same. Well the Same person started them. Javaris Squire. That's me btw.I think that's me,  I'll get back to you on that. 3 covers 3 years of the Mag. Enjoy

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