Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Ghadir #GUnit

Happy birthday Ghadir.Another year another birthday. Ghadir has to be the strongest women  person I know. I really love her honesty. I admire her commitment to the JJ"s. I envy her strength. I am in awe of her bravery.I pray for the success that she should be given. It's only a handful of people on earth that deserve the world 
and all the beauties around it. 

No matter how far away it may seem Ghadir deserve it, Ghadir deserve it all and everything in between.You (Ghadir) deserve the love you've received and all the love you have yet to find. You deserve the most complicated meaning of love because the love you bestow is one of a kind 

You deserve the best friendship  as god shall always be generous to you. You deserve the prayers of millions
Of the millions I am lucky to have a freind so true. BEST BESTFRIEND EVER 

Happy Birthday - Javaris & JJ"s 

P.S. Princess J made you a pic out of corn but it won't let me upload it. Sorry 
P.P.S Jacob then ate the corn and started to look at women outside the window. So we couldn't take another pic sorry 

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