Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Air Jordan XI Original Sketches By Tinker Hatfield

If you’ve been in a sugary Christmas coma from all the holiday treats magically available at every turn, then you may have missed the frenzy last week caused by the re-releasing of the Concord Jordan XI’s. This celebrated model is no longer known only by sneakerheads, but now one that has infiltrated mainstream pop culture because of the media’s constant coverage on the riots across the United States. But fans all know just how special the Jordan XI really is and as a token of his appreciation, the mastermind behind the design, Tinker Hatfield, decided to bless us with his original sketches from pre-production. Each sketch features detailing found in the final make-up, including a nylon mesh upper taking inspiration from mountaineering backpacks, the carbon fiber plating Tinker copied from Michael’s Ferrari, and the icy-blue clear outsole. Even from the early drawings, Tinker knew the Jordan XI was destined for greatness, but rioting was not what he had in mind.

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