Monday, February 13, 2012

The Linsanity Hype Train Has To Crash

The past 5 games the Knicks have been killing, no not cause of Melo, not Amare either.It's been cause of the hands (and feet) of Jeremy Lin. This Harvard stand out has been showing up for the Knicks for the past few games with a average of 30 plus a game. Like all thing in this day in age and to quote Mike Jones "Now I'm hot,they all on me" Lin has gain some attention, a lot of it. ESPN, MTV and even ABC are a few of the channels to jump on the Lin train. Nicknaming him "Linsanity". The Hype is crazy I think it's worst then, dare I say it "Tebowing". Now it's nothing wrong with rooting for Linsanity Lin but this is getting crazy. You got people taking tape and putting a 1 next to the 7 on Melo jersey and putting Lin across the back, you Knicks fans are crazy.Hype train gone wild I tell ya, Wild. They have even went as far (On ESPN) to say the Knicks are better with Melo and Amare out. Say What ?! You mean to tell me you really think cause Lin won 5 games they better ? If you think Lin better then Melo then you smoking some strong shit. I like Lin but he is no Melo or Amare. This hype train have to crash. You know them people that get hyped up so high that they can't even play smart anymore ? Yeah the Hype train is the reason. The hype train will have a player tossing up 80 shots a game cause people want him to put up big numbers, no matter what. I think that when Melo gets back this week he and Lin will jelly nice together, and oh when Amare get back can you say beast mode ? This is about to be nasty. I love using the Knicks on 2K12 so my question is, when will Lin rating get bumped up ? Ha.

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