Monday, January 27, 2014

Best.Pro Bowl.Ever

Last night was the best Pro-Bowl I ever seen. Well, the best one I can remember. I can't recall the ones form the 90's. Anyways. This was the way the Pro-Bowl should be each and every year, from here on out. The tempo was set from the opening drive. Speaking of opening drive. What the actual fuck is up with the no kick off? I wanted to see a run back, or at least the try of one. That's just stupid. Start at the 20?. It's like the NFL is trying to see how that works out. For they can bring it to the real games. Not liking that at all. Almost not liking the thinking about taking away the extra point kicks. I mean, it's already enough people without a job. You trying to put even more people on the streets. I also would like to add, that it hurts us Fantasy Players if you do that. That's easy points.  Got 20 one game, from my kicker.   

This game was great long before the kickoff. It started with the draft. Rice and Sanders drafted all the players, pick up game style. With that fact, it came with ego's getting hurt. When ego's get hurt, talent comes out. Lot's of players was mad they wasn't taken earlier on in the draft. They was more then likely joking but from that first snap, they wanted to show why they are a Pro Bowl. I LOVE IT. It was like they was playing for a trip to the super bowl. 

Sanders had the best DLine in the history of the Pro Bowl. It was like junk yard dogs, fighting over one bone. That one bone being Jerry Rice's team QB. I'm not a Saints fan but I was scared for Drew Brees life. He almost was dead on the first drive. NFL wanted blood, they was about to get it. I loved it. 

One problem I had is that Shady only got the ball five times. I wanted to see him get wild in the open field.  Jamal too. They didn't get the ball enough for me. I loved the passing tho. Desean made the catch of the game. 

Everybody just knew that was a pick. Then Desean, being Desean steals the ball and the TD. Random: Why didn't they let Jerry and Dieon play a little? I mean they wanted to play, so what would be the problem. That would have been cool to see. They way they was hitting out on that field, I guess it was for the best in the end. 

I hope they keep it like this. I like how it was a endless never knowing what will happen. Adding to the great of the game, teammates hitting teammates. I know Cam Newton coach said "I'm happy that Hardy and Luke was drafted on the team with Cam". We also didn't put to much heat on Cam during the game. All and all it was a great game. 

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