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*Que The Wrap Up Music: Best TV Shows Of 2014 (Comedy)

Yup, it's that time of year again. It's time to count down the best things. We not even going to talk about the worst.I want you to take it, burn it and bag it. Let the trash man have it.  Let's leave that in the past. Let's talk about the best shows of 2014.

 Last year, I talked about the best seven shows.This year we have a bigger list. So many shows brought about the ruckus this year. It's kinda like they read my old list and step the game up. We have some shows that stay on the list and some new shows that came out this year. I put them into two sections. Enjoy and tell me your favorites. Later today the comedy will be out.   

  1.VEEP (HBO)
  Veep is an HBO television comedy series, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, set in the office of Selina Meyer, a fictional Vice President, and subsequent President, of the United States. The series is a spin off set in the same universe as The Thick of It also created by Armando Iannucci. He also created the Academy Award-nominated film In the Loop (2009), which starred several Veep cast members alongside several Thick of It cast members.

First off, let's not play around with Julia hair. It's nice when it's not, well that. Other then that. Great season.

 2.Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)
  The series revolves around Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a bisexual woman living in New York City who is sentenced to 15 months in a women's federal prison (operated by the Federal Department of Corrections, a fictionalized version of the Federal Bureau of Prisons), for transporting a suitcase full of drug money to her former girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) who is an international drug smuggler/mule. The offense occurred ten years prior to the start of the series, and in that time Piper had moved on to a quiet, law-abiding life among New York's upper middle class. In prison, Piper is reunited with Alex (who named Piper in her trial resulting in her arrest), and they re-examine their relationship and deal with their fellow prisoners.

This season started out random as hell. I thought I was watching a drama, glad that switched up quick. This season had a women that everybody hated. That ending was amazing and I love that we kinda got what we wanted.

 3. Black-Ish (ABC)
 Black-ish is an American sitcom starring Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, that debuted on ABC during the 2014–15 television season. The single-camera comedy centers on an upper-middle-class African-American family.

 4. Silicon Valley (HBO)
 Richard Hendriks (Thomas Middleditch) is a shy, reclusive programmer working at a large internet company called Hooli, while developing a music app called Pied Piper in a live-in start-up business incubator run by entrepreneur Erlich Bachman (T. J. Miller). After a rocky post-T.E.D. elevator pitch of Pied Piper to venture capitalist Peter Gregory (Christopher Evan Welch), Hendriks also shows his work to a pair of brogrammers at Hooli who mock him. Within hours however, Hooli executive Donald "Jared" Dunn (Zach Woods) and Gregory's assistant Monica (Amanda Crew) are discovering that the app contains a revolutionary data compression algorithm. Hooli C.E.O. Gavin Belson (Matt Ross) proposes a $10,000,000 buy-out of Pied Piper, while Peter Gregory offers a $200,000 investment for 5% ownership in the company. With encouragement from Monica and the support of Bachman, Hendriks chooses Gregory's offer. He hires the residents of the incubator to become the Pied Piper team, along with Dunn who defects from Hooli, but loses his friend Big Head (Josh Brener) to the internet giant.

Return of the nerds. This show was topping it's self with each scene.

 5. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (Crackle)
 The show shares similarities with the British web series Carpool, hosted by English actor and comedian Robert Llewellyn which premiered in 2009. Episodes follow a format of Seinfeld introducing a vintage car, picking up the guest comedian, and taking them out to have coffee or to a restaurant. Episodes sometimes diverge from the format, as when Michael Richards implores Seinfeld to turn onto a side street or when Seinfeld returns after coffee with Carl Reiner to join him for dinner with Mel Brooks. They need to do a episode, where Jerry is in search of a house. I bet that would be downright funny. I can see it right now in my head. They should get Las Ventanas on the phone right now.

I kid you not. I was late to the party on this one. I been meaning to catch up and see what the hype was about. I started watching two weeks ago, I sweat I watched for like 10 episodes straight.  I am hooked.

 6. Modern Family (ABC)
 Modern Family is an American television sitcom that premiered on ABC on September 23, 2009. Delivered in mockumentary style, the fictional characters frequently talk directly into the camera. The program follows the lives of Jay Pritchett and his family, all of whom live in suburban Los Angeles. Pritchett's family includes his second wife, his stepson, and infant son, as well as his two adult children and their spouses and children. Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan conceived the series while sharing stories of their own "modern families". Seem like Phil would be the type of person to go somewhere like Burlington Pediatric Dentistry and get his tooth pulled. One that's been hurting for years. After they pull it, the gas they used on him is still in affect and he started doing silly, tripping things around the town. I think I just wrote a new episode.

Modern Family is that joke that your friend tells. You know the one, the one that keeps getting told. Every time it's told you laugh. That's kinda what Modern Family is for a couple of episodes for the season. Same running joke. It's so damn funny tho.

 7.A to Z (NBC)
The series will follow the lives of Andrew, an employee at an internet dating site who dreams of meeting the girl of his dreams, and Zelda, a no-nonsense lawyer who was raised by a hippie mother and carries a rebellious streak. By an accidental chance of fate, Zelda meets Andrew to resolve a mismatch dating dispute and these two single people suddenly find themselves falling for each other. From there, the series chronicles their relationship timeline "from A to Z", as narrated by Katey Sagal.

If you watch 'How I Met Your Mother', then you know that the lead actress on the show is the mother. That was the reason I started this one. It's a pretty great and funny show. Some of the readers of the blog said it reminded them of Ghadir and I. I can see that. Seeing that they kick ass and we kick ass. 

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