Sunday, January 8, 2017

Damn, Rihanna (Fenty Puma By Rihanna)

 I loved when I heard the news about Rihanna teaming up with Puma. I thought that adidias would have been good too. Puma just seems right, giving her roots tho.Her line has been out for some time now. I never really pay it any attention. I don't wear women clothes. So I wasn't too in the rush of seeing anything. That's like not eating meat but visting the butcher shop. Why you here? You don't want any lamb chops. 

Lamb sounds pretty good right about now. Turkey burger sounds even better. 

Anyways, I found myself on Puma website this morning. I was looking around. Trying to enjoy the sale. Didn't find anything in my sneaker size, like at all. So I finally rolled over to the RiRi collection. Now when I went to the fashion show during fashion week. I enjoyed myself. As many of you might know, most runway looks, don't make it to sale. Well, she said to hell with that. She came all the way in. Not only is most of the looks here, she looking to blow everybody check. 

Like this oversize t-shirt. It was and still is my favitore from her collection. This is priced at 1300 and something. Actually 1400. She is playing no games with the prices. This is not something I would spend that much money on but I wouldn't tottaly find somebody crazy for spending that much. 

Okay, I'm lying, I would find somebody to be crazy for paying 1400 for a tshirt. 

It's fire tho. Y'all should get it when it goes on sale.If you can't wait, here you go


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