Monday, March 6, 2017

Pinky Squire #DressLikeJavaris

If you didn't know, March 20th is the start of spring. For Georgia that doesn't really matter. Since we about to be Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter till March 20. With that being said, I have to go ahead and wear some of the stuff in my closet that I been meaning to. Well, on one of the winter days. The more I think about it, we have had about five winter days this winter. that's two more than last year.  Welcome to the south. 

"Dem boys got them golds in they mouth. Rocking furs like it's snowing in the south"

All that being said. Hopefully, I get to wear this, today. It's been in my closet for the hottest of minutes.  I should have wore this in October but it was still blazing.  I spend the money so I need to get a wear out of it before next winter. I sound old. Jesus. 

 The jacket. It has just a little of the puffy mixed into the bomber jacket. That's what pulled me into this one. It looks 90's while the modern feel is seen. Plus all the pockets I never use also looks amazing. 

 Would this be before or after labor day?  Why is that even a rule? Who makes the rules? I break the rule cause I do what I want. Might as well go out with a bang for this winter. White Hot to match the freaking sun. I mean Oh.My.God. Do you ever just chill?  Be the cool sun we know you can be. The Jeans.

 IF I said it once, I said it twice. I'm not the fan of the matchy, matchy. So I will always go with another color when it comes to sneakers. Been heavy on the adidas Tubular's. I can't seem to take them off. Well, I take them off. To put another color of them on.

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