Tuesday, July 3, 2018

That Christina Aguilera #DressLikeJavaris

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Every time in grade school. Every time in grade school. When we used to visit the Coca-Cola Museum.Every time. They used to tell us the same thing. About how Coca-Cola used to be made with Coke. Cocaine. That white stuff. The nose candy. The white horse. That blow. That Lindsay Lohan.  I'm not even sure seven year old me knew what that was at the time. I just knew it that one of the sodas at the Coca-Cola around the world station would get us "drunk". It was really just some soda with loads of sugar, I think.  

Sidenote: You should read the story about John Pemberton. Cole world. 

Things Go Better With Coke Unisex Tee
That's what I think about when I wear this shirt. Cause I know deep down inside this is what they were going for. Double entendre from everybody favorite coke dealer. 

Cotton Chinos Skinny fit 

Brown pants just feel so right.  Plus as Deadpool like to say. It hides the shit from when you, you know. 


 For the left and the right.

Went with some random colors but not too random. So it feels in the mood of things. Light brown would be a safe bet if you want it all to blend better. Just toss out the orange if you scared. 



Vans X Marvel Authentic
Did you know that we have teamed up with Marvel for some limited edition Vans? Yeah, you knew. How could you not? Anyways. I'm wearing some today to cap off this look. This has to be top three in the collection with Marvel for me. I'll save what's number one for another day.  

I was thinking of doing the checker Vans but ran off that idea to bring out something new. I'll give the classic a break today. 

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