Monday, August 20, 2018

Winter Body But It's Summer Tho #DressLikeJavaris

The summer is coming to the end and you (me) my friend have yet to show off yo body. Not for the lack of trying. You just don't seem to have any tank tops at all. Like any. Okay, let me stop talking like this. The summer is finally going away. I hate the summer, my hair feels that time two. So to see it leaving is no sweat off the back of mine. Bring on the fall. 

Before the summer goes goodbye, I want to bring the machine guns out one time for your minds (Name that song).  Anyways, this what I was wearing today. It rained too. Mother nature I tell ya.  

Navy Striped Badge Tank
Checkers over stripes that's the stuff I like. It just felt right saying it right there. I don't know. Leave me alone. This navy blue and cream fits great into the summertime beach vibe. With no fear of the beach is the option. Since I can't swim. Dry feet for life. Unless in the shower. The cherry nice too. 

Stretch Skinny Denim Shorts
I don't know how much my legs wanna be free but they were free today. They coming out. They want the world to know. They got to let it show.  Mixing the blues is always the best way to make the simple looks pop. 

 For the left and the right. I was thinking of going gold but that has to be too much.
 Easy Does It Socks 
Yes, I brought the shirt cause of the pants.  

Black White Vans Authentic Cherry Checkers
I try not to post the Vans we don't sell anymore but we don't have these for sale anymore. Sorry. We still have the black cherry ones if you really want some. 

What are you wearing today? Let me know on Twitter/Instagram.  

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