Sunday, December 16, 2018

All Of The Lights #DressLikeJavaris

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What are you doing for Christmas? Hopefully something fun. Princess at the age of using the internet so I can't say what I'm doing cause she reading this, probably. Can't be spoiling the gifts.   All I can say is that Die Hard is a Christmas movie and should be treated as such. Actually Die Hard and Get Out. Both Christmas movies and should be watched with the family as the fire burns and you sip cocoa. Don't fight me on this.  

One of my favorite things to do is to watch the lights. Some many of them this time of year. People really show out.  I might even take the time to do something next year. It's this one neighbor that I swear that the whole set does it big. Going there tonight. Pictures? Follow me on Instagram and find out.  


Navy Borg Lined Double Breasted Jacket

I swear I feel like the biggest grown up in the world when this jacket is worn.  It's so warm and I look like money in it. Can't beat it. 



White Roll Neck T-Shirt

 Where was this love for the turtle when I was younger. I hated them. Also, when did it become the words "Roll Neck". What the neck. I'm not calling it that. Anyways, I was going to go with the cream on cream with the jacket but this white gives it the off-color that calls for more of the cleaner look.  



Green Corduroy Stretch Skinny Pants

 This had nothing to do with anything but I need some new sky blue pants. My old ones are way too big now.  I wouldn't wear them with this look but it just made me think. Don't go too bright with the green, please. 


 Resin Medusa Chain Necklace

Shoutout to Versace for sending me this necklace ahead of its release. If you read my blog often, you know I love me so Medusa head. This goes perfect laying on top of the white turtleneck.  


 Vans Duck Green/Gum 

See why I didn't want you to go so bright? Top it off. Let's go home. We seen it all.  


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