Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Last Drip Of The Year #DressLikeJavaris

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What ya'll do last night? Hopefully not too much. I mean if you read this at least you not in jail, right? They have wi-fi in the holding cell? I don't know. I just hope y'all safe.  Anyways, last night closed out the end of the year and I have to say I didn't wanna see it leave so soon. 

I had fun. Every year must come to the end and I ended it with some drip. (That's what the kids say}.  

Dark Tan Single Breasted Trench Coat
 Don't wear this jacket like how they have in this picture. Please no. You will look like what you thinking if you wear it like this. Yikes. I wear mine open and never closed. Yikes, again. 

Pink Turn Up Floral Stretch Skinny Shirt

Who name this shirt? "Turn Up". I think I did everything but that when I wear this shirt. Last night I ate burgers.  Also Cheesecake and Ice cream. I'm wild. 



Mid Wash Knee Rip Stretch Slim Jeans

This is what I call keeping it simple when I gonna wear some pants.  I always need to rip something. 

LV Upside Down Necklace

Say less. 



 Vans White Era 

This has to be my third time I wore white sneakers in 2018? Lord, who am I becoming.  

 That's what I wore last night. How did you end the year? Let me know in the comment section or on  Instagram/ Twitter


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