Saturday, April 20, 2019

Homecoming Merch Haul | That's The Post #Beyonce

 Homecoming 04/14 Tee

When you make plans, God laughs they say. I sat down yesterday and I thought I would knock out some stuff while "Homecoming" played in the background. There I was, an hour and a half later and still glued to the TV. I didn't wanna move. I was sucked in and the thoughts of getting away were not happening.  Beyonce seems to have this effect on you. This control.  None of this is anything to do with nothing this post is about. This is a hual post that almost became the Homecoming review. Do you really need one of those? Not really you know it's good. Duh. 

 Nefertiti Contact Sheet Long Sleeve

I'm into the bright colors lately. Really bright. 


Nefertiti Tee
Million years from now. When they dig up old photos. This one shall be found. 
 Crest Patch Black Pullover Hoodie
Back to school. 
Well, that's all of this haul for now. I don't know, might buy more later. 
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