Sunday, August 4, 2019

Burger King's "Impossible Whopper" to Be Sold in All U.S. Locations

Burger King has announced that it will sell its Impossible Foods plant-based Whopper at every location across America later next week. A “taste test” will also be rolled out to encourage customers to taste both a standard Whopper and the meat-free alternative until September 1 through the DoorDash and Burger King app. The $5.59 USD Burger King “Impossible Whopper” can be picked up throughout the US starting August 8. The Whopper is available for as long as supplies last.

Burger King follows in White Castle‘s meat-free footsteps by releasing the “Impossible Whopper”. The plant-based patty is currently limited to just one location, with the roll-out only covering 59 Burger King stores in St. Louis, Missouri.

The vegan burger patty is partnered with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion, complemented by obligatory servings of ketchup and (non-vegan) mayonnaise. The company behind the Burger King Whopper is Impossible Foods, which is known for its “bleeding” meat-free burger, reportedly replicating smell, sizzle and flavour.

Watch St. Louis customers get pranked for April Fool’s Day in Burger King’s latest promotional video below, and head to one of its franchises to try one of the meat-free Whoppers for yourself. There’s no news yet on whether the “Impossible Whopper” will get a full Burger King roll out, but keep checking for more details.

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