Thursday, October 10, 2019

Soundcloud Clicks #DressLikeJavaris

I think I hate on the winter but I have fallen into love with the wind. Just for now. Cause January I'll be ready for it to go. So it can be cool for now. The weather just haven't drop yet. Keep it 60 this year. That would be nice. 

Soundcloud Love 

Do anything for clout? This have to be one of the most playful hoodies I have made. It's going back soon. Hang on. 

 Camo Pants 
You can find camo pants any and everywhere and I still linked H&M. I'm basic. Face it. 

Round Medusa Pendant Necklace

Can't wear something that deals with rappers and not have the chain hanging out.  I say this as Twist is on the Tv with a big chain. Case and point. 

 Chain Reaction 2 Sneakers
I can't stop wearing these. Makes me feel tall.

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