Tuesday, May 19, 2020

BAPE x Coca-Cola Summer 2020

After a several year break, Coca-Cola and BAPE have reunited for a refreshing new partnership. The summer-friendly beverage will be packaged in a pair of bespoke slim bottles, complete with special graphics.

Offered in 250 ml sizes (approximately 8.4 ounces, half the size of a normal American Coke bottle), the slim aluminum bottles that inform this partnership were unique to the Japanese market when they launched in 2015 and remain hard to find outside of the nation. Classic Coca-Cola imagery and colors grace the packaging, with the main feature emblazoned on the front beneath the soft drink company’s logo.

One bottle sports an APE HEAD downing its own Coke, while the other features Baby Milo sipping from a proportional bottle. Unique elements elevate each item, with the former design boasting a FIRST CAMO-inspired pattern across the body, while the Baby Milo edition boasts stylized BAPE branding beneath.

Both BAPE bottles will be available exclusively via Amazon JP on May 25.

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