Monday, September 20, 2021

Birthday Haul


I forgot to post this. Oops. 
I have the coolest birthday. 9-9. You can't beat that date. You should have seen me when it was 9-9-09. I even made a video about it. I was sexy that day.  Anyways, this year I wanted to show y'all a little of the haul that I went on this year. I didn't go too crazy. No plans of even wearing these clothes anywhere so, get somewhere to wear these first before getting more.
 Now, this might have about three too many horses on it. I love it enough to over look that part. I'm trying to force myself to wear more color this winter. Cause I sure as hell will all black you to death in the cold. 

Listen, I need y'all to hit the comment section and talk to me. Should I get the Navy/Red one too? Or is the Navy/Red one just too close to looking like Tommy? I want to get it but I love it but I kinda don't wanna give off that vibe. Y'all pick for me. Talk to me in the comments.  
Is this fucked up for me to wear as a Vegan? 
This is some regular shit to toss in but I want to put y'all on game really fast.  Polo underwear are high quality and this high quality is cheap. They running you for about 56 dollars for the five pack. Jump on that. Trust me. Leave the fruit and his loom. 

Funko Pop! Disney: Luca – Giulia Marcovaldo

 The homies and I seen Luca so much that I had to get this cause I love that fucking movie.  Buy why don't anybody else have pop's?

I didn't buy much this year so this is the end of the haul. I don't know why I ended this like this.


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