Sunday, November 21, 2021

Ga Peach #DressLikeJavaris


The playoffs are here and now is the time to get hype? With the season the World Champion Braves had you can't help but be hungover with joy for the run Untied will hopefully pull off. You can never be mad at two chips in the city in the same year. Let's dress for the game Sunday. 

 Atlanta United FC adidas 2019 Away Authentic Jersey - White

 While you reading this, the kit is on sale. It's so cheap it's like they giving it away. Click the link and see. Don't wanna ruin the surprise. Anyways, this is one of my favorite kits that the team has. It's always the details for me. That hit of grey and the Georgia peach, can't go wrong with this one. Shhh...also.


Cargo Joggers

 I don't know what you was thinking would go with these but you better put some green on yo booty. I had to buy some new ones as mine was way too big and falling off my.... this some TMI so I'll chill. 

Trae Young 1 Peachtree 

 This the most match happy shit I ever posted on this blog ever. It just feels so right, right?




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