Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Got Kylie Dressing Like Cam #DressLikeJavaris

The spring is right around the way and by the time you read this, spring will be jumping in your face. Punch it and tell it to chill. Can't be doing all that like Roma is not out here. With spring comes the cleaning on the store for some. Sales. Ralph has one, and I'm about to stack up a couple of things for my niece. It's a wild game that I'm playing. Cause hopefully my niece doesn't get too big and can't wear them when winter comes around. Goodwill is about to get some nice stuff if she is too big. Only time will tell. 

Floral Teddy Fleece Pullover

I was looking for this is men's too. That would have been cute to be matching. I love the boldness that this jacket has. It's in your face and playful at the same time. I need one too. Ralph, make it shake. 

Floral Quilted Barn Jacket

Now, for this one, she would have to wear this one on her own. I don't think I can pull this off. Maybe, I'm wrong. Like tan pants or light-washed jeans with some butters. Well, that was easy. Too bad they don't have it for men in this one too. About to have my niece looking like she part of Dipset. Kid butters. 

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