Friday, April 8, 2022

Tommy Hilfiger Haul


Do you feel that? I feel it. I know you feel it too. It's the sale season. As somebody that's always shopping, I live for this day. This season. This is when you get to buy all the things you will be wearing later this year. Unless you live in those places that are always cold. Anyways, I can put you on the game really fast. Brands make enough clothes for the winter collection to last until the end of the winter season. Sometimes (All the time) things are leftover. SO what happens is the brands mark everything left down to clear the warehouse and stores for the new things that are set to be released. Can't get new in if they old still sitting there. This is where we win. Tommy and others are marking things down right now. Sales time. 30% off on some much stuff. This is where you buy and save. This is how you build your closet. Anyways, let's start this haul. 

Can't go wrong with the classics. (They also have it in white


You better. 


A Lil twist on the classic Tommy blue. 

That's all that I got from the sale. I didn't go too crazy. Wanted to leave things for everybody else. 

Did you get anything? 

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