Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Bobby Digital In The Middle Of The Zoo (Dress Like Javaris)


Sure, the world cup might have ended and the German national team didn't do much, but that doesn't mean that you can't still represent the gang. Imma dress even when the sun not shining and the goals are going in the back of the net for the other team. Also, USA kits this year(s) have been ass so that's out of the question. I left the house feeling like I was in the Wu in the 90s and I was rushing to the video shoot with this look. Enjoy. 


I love this jacket in the style that they made it. Big. Biggie. Biggie smalls if you will. Heavy on the 90's style of fashion. You can feel the high quality and weight of this jacket. I brought it thinking it would be a windbreaker (I didn't read the details as it clearly says cotton) and I'm happy to be wrong. This thing will keep you warm. 

Normally I would add a different color than black. I would do the tan or maybe so as far as brown but I want to keep it clean today. So I went with the black. I can always change it up when I do pull the lookout again but for this one, yeah just black. I know me, the time it will be tan pants. 


How many red shoes are too many red shoes for one person to have? I think I might be getting to that point I haven't hit it yet. Maybe three more. Not counting these. 

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