Monday, March 13, 2023

That Bear Is On Cocaine #DressLikeJavaris


Let's start this out with something you need to hear. You need to go see Cocaine Bear and you should be ashamed you have yet to see this masterpiece yet. I loved every minute of this movie. 

So Monday I found myself in the funniest of moments. I went to the gym to kick start this summer body loading and as I finished my shower. I noticed something was not there. I didn't pack a top. Well, a top I would wear in public for too long. I was to be meeting my friends for Sushi and I can't be showing up like I grew out my clothes overnight. The shirt I was wearing was wild. 

I headed over to Dollar Tree, yeah, They have the little 5 dollars rack and it has shirts. I only need the shirt for a day so fuck it, right? Nah. That thing was so uncomfortable that I almost threw it in the shirt while I had it on. 

Men lie, women lie, and size charts too, or whatever Jay-Z said.  So of fucking course I took my happy ass into Wal-Mart as it was next door. They have a joint deal you can't tell me otherwise., Anyways, I went in looking for an AC/DC shirt and found this. 

Pink Floyd Tour Hoodie 

How dare Walmart have something this nice just sitting in the middle of the rack. I jumped on it fast. I just needed something for the day but this was too good to pass up. Great quality for something made by Sam. I was actually shocked. I was shaken. I knew the Lee shirt was hitting but look at them putting out another hidden gem. We actually need them back. Those plain color t-shirts with pockets. That was some great cotton. 

I love that these look fancy but their joggers act as such. 

I went crazy with the colors on this one. I pulled it all together seeing that I didn't know I would be wearing any of this when the day started. 

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