Monday, January 1, 2024

Space Age Cowboy #DressLikeJavaris #Beyonce


Beyoncé Official Renaissance World Tour Merch Disco Cowboy Hat T-Shirt

Welcome to 2024. I hope you enjoy your stay. I spend the evening before the ball drops falling in and out of sleep. It was a long day for me. I saw that ball drop. I didn't get to see Megan tho. The clock hit 12 and I hit the bed by 12:03. 

I was writing down things I want to do this year and I'm sure (not) buying clothes was not on that list I wrote. If it was, oops. 

Not really sure about the reason why Beyonce dropped the prices but all the merch from the tour is half off. Go get some. 

This is all I got cause I hate the big picture on the back style. Die, I say, die. Let's style this now. 

No matter the ear of fashion. Cargo pants are meant to be baggy. Pockets on the side of your pants. You gotta let them things hang. 

Trust me, I'm going somewhere with this orange. Trust me. 

adidas Crazy 8's 
Like, I said, trust me. 

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