Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lil’ Wayne - Customized Crystal Supra Sneaker By CLVII

Speculation and rumors begin to fly almost immediately when Lil' Wayne arrived on stage to perform at last week's 2009 BET Award.  Blog spheres and forums were filled with questions, requests, plus everything in between about the Hip Hop artist's crystals bejeweled Supra.  Now comes the official statement regarding the bling-out footwear.  Created by boutique CLVII Paris-Berlin, the CLVII Customs Supra was embellished completely in real crystals with silk satin lace.  It was presented to Lil' Wayne's as a gift for his 26th Birthday, hence the numeral 26 on the tongue.  The boutique also hinted that there are more customized footwear to come in the near future, so stay tune…
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